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This area allows us to take Overheard on the Barcar to another level.


This area allows us to take Overheard on the Barcar to another level. Here you will find the inner musings of those individuals for whom the barcar experience has been a catalyst for romance or corporate intrigue. If you are working on chapter one of the great novel, at the mid point of your biography, racked by guilt over a barcar tryst or enraptured while in the midst of one, here is the place to spill it out. Who knows, you might even get some constructive criticism or good advice.

OK, maybe you aren't ready to spill your guts on the WWW, no problem, there is always intrigue on the barcar - It's happened to all of us at one time or another. You've purchased your cocktail and found a place to stand or sit and as you crack open your book or unfold your paper you become aware of a conversation happening near by. Maybe it's the tone of voice or a name you recognize that hooks you because even though its rude and you have better things to do, you can't help it, you are eavesdropping. Well here is where you can come clean and tell the world what it was never meant to hear. Assuage the guilt, confession is good for the soul and can be a hell of a lot of fun for others to read.

Posted on:Saturday, March, 13, 2004 - 08:58:31 am
Name:sashka email:sexxybabyy14@whimit.com
sashka & hilachka -> hottest drunk kinky party chicks on earth.. blyattt ya tebya lublu y ya yachu staboy spat, maya krasavetsa lubimaya <33
give me a fuckin corona, some grey goose shots and one sexy jacked russian thank you! lmao
i love you pookie. . hilkashka alwayz n forever mwaz

bitch i hope you die now now now.....
ps i love you hunny

Name:Rocco Zizza email:Perropadre@aol.com

He was a handsome man...Forty years old Ivy Educated but managed only to find work doing custodial work in the two bit town of Woburn, Massachusetts.

His name is Sid Scottman. His balding head acts as a beacon of testosterone, leading the scantily clad nubiles in lyca to his sweaty body as he pounds the pedals on the stairmaster machine.

But, these babes of the iron works will find no luck with this god of the gymnasium. For his heart and loins belongs to another --- to another man!

As the babes walk away in wonderment, trying to comprehend why this god of a man has no desire to fornicate with no other except the well rounded butt of Eduardo Blanco.

Eduardo is also a custodian...

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