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Club Car, Smoker, Café Car, call it what you will, this site was created to celebrate and preserve that fragile and mobile institution: The Barcar.


For its regular patrons, the barcar offers an informal and stimulating setting for spontaneous social intercourse. Many of us find our schedules and business commitments too hectic to allow for the cultivation of a "local pub" while in The City. Like commuters from around the world we have instead found a cocktail in the company of one another the perfect antidote for the grind that is business in the 20th century.  Each evening barcars depart from urban centers all over the world and old friends congregate to swap war stories, plan conquests and commiserate. Those who have moved on after years of camaraderie are remembered as new faces appear and are welcomed. Although occupations, family matters and career strategies are discussed in detail, last names are rarely known. It doesn't really matter on the Barcar, so join us and enjoy the first and only site dedicated to this social phenomenon that exists in limbo between work and home.

Barcar.com is a web community and like any community it relies on the individual to survive. Barcar.com doesn't need your money, it needs your interest and participation. Every area of the site is available for members to post their thoughts and pictures. Please avail yourself of this feature, it will keep the site interesting and fresh. Also, please bear in mind that as we celebrate this unique aspect of our lives, around us there is real need. Click  and learn about some worthwhile causes in my area.

Welcome aboard