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Welcome to Barcar.com's gallery of Barcars from around the world.


This is where you will find photos sent in by fellow Barcar patrons. We will also be featuring a Mr. Barcar and Ms. Barcar area. Your Barcar could be seen here.
This gallery will confirm the Barcar.com hypothesis that cocktails, spontaneous social intercourse and commuting constitute a global  experience. Please keep sending shots of your regular Barcar and any others you might encounter in your travels.

Name:HUSSAIN email:getme_dear@hotmail.com
pitay hain tu zinda hain na pitay tu mar jatay hahahahahahahahahahaha

Sorry - but can you take the surnames off the second picture you uploaded to the gallery page please? Sorry for the hassle - looks really great - but if you could do this asap I'd really appreciate it.

Fabulous site:)

Carly LIVES for the Friday Bar Car

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