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Name:New Haven Line Nostalgia email:prep_dude8@yahoo.com
Just learned about this site from the International Herald Tribune the other day. The site was mentioned in an article about eliminating bar car service (hope that never happens).

The site is terrific and brings back memories to me as a child riding the New Haven ...

In any case, my annecdote, which may be a pro pos of the latest plan to eliminate the bar cars is this: in the 1950s, bar car revenues on the GCT to New Haven communter line generated so substantial a profit every year as to off-set the dining car losses on the rest of the entire New Haven Railroad system (which was quite substantial at the time). Imagine the booze consumption!

I read this in an article in the New Have Railroad Historical and Technical Society newsletter.

Surely there's a lesson to be learned here by the powers that be.

Name:Bob email:eastcoastlive@yahoo.com
RE the drinking issue:
Its not prohibition. I know that fits into a nice little sound byte or as a byline in a paper, but no one is suggesting banning alcohol, except on the train. Drink before you get on the train. The train ride will help sober you up so you dont kill my family after your ride. Drink when you get home. Do a bag of heroin in your kitchen for all I care. The government decided long ago that PUBLIC consumption of alcohol is illegal. Certainly the government being the provider is equally wrong. Combine that with the idea of 3 drinks for the average man is at least Driving while Impaired, and there is no legal justification. Regardless of the "Classy" status you attach to the idea of a bar car or drinking on the train - it is mostly done by childish, loud, obnoxious and rude people who then throw their garbage all about or spill their drinks everywhere, blocking doors and aisles. OR - Its underage or amateur drinkers making asses of themselves. If you really want to drink, then insist that the local police do directed enforcement with sobriety checkpoints at the exits of the Train Stations and we'll see how responsible you all really are.

By all means you can publish my e-mail. Big Brother has to be stopped!
Maybe someday we can have a drink in Grand Central...if it is legal!
I used to be a smoking commuter from Grand Central to North White Plains.
There was a smoking car.
The smoking car was eliminated to the chagrin of those commuters who enjoyed a puff or two after a hard day's work.

Most of the commuters at that time saw this prohibition as something good for the health of all concerned. Forget about the fact cigarrettes were legal and smoking was restricted to the smoking car. You know what has happened since; you cannot smoke on a NYC restaurant smoking section because these do not exist any more and is against the law. Cigarrettes are still legal.
Your turn is coming. Had you objected to the smoking ban then maybe more people would symphatize with what is coming from the MTA to all the barcar patrons. Liquor is legal...and so are cigarrettes, cigars and pipes. The long arm of Big Brother will reach you sooner than later. Mark my word.

Every citizen should protect the little we have left of our civil and personal liberties.
Even as I read about the MTA plans as recent as today in the current issue of the New Yorker (there is where I got your webpage), I was not overjoyed that your turn is coming because I firmly believe you have the right to socially drink in the barcar. I hope that in the not too distant future you will still be able to drink in restaurants. Remember Big Brother works incrementally.

I apologize for using the barcar e-mail link for this purpose and not to tell you about my webpage.
This is more serious business. As to smoking I am expecting that Bib Brother will attempt to also ban it in my home. There I will draw the line.
Best wishes for a successful defense of your right to socially drink in the barcar.

Alberto Caballero, Esq.
Harrington Park, NJ

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