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Yes, I saw the Metro-North bar cars in 1982 when I was mileage-collecting on the branches. Thought something like that would be neat up in Boston where things have been dry for years.
I gather that NJ Transit and the ex-Erie trains into New York are dry and the "man-sized thirst quenchers" are a memory; the misterious "refreshment car" on the Gladstone branch turned out to be a regular DC MU coach with an attendent with a cooler using a plank stretched across two seats.
Mention must be made of my favorite commuter bar, the Reading's Rail Diesel Bar Cars (RDB-2) used on the Wall Street and the Crusader 1967-1980 between Newark and Reading Terminal Philadelphia. I rode the Wall Street the 3rd Monday in April 1976 Newark to Reading Terminal most of the time in the real vestibule. Was with two other guys and was introduced to Rolling Rock then; we went through four rounds of Rolling Rocks--and we were still able to operate the traps for the passengers wanting to be poured off for Belle Mead, Hopewell and other such places.

Posted on:Firday, July, 31, 2009 - 03:16:02 pm
Name:klaus W.
Finding barcar.com after all these years was a joy.

Saturday, March, 22, 2008 - 06:55:03 am
Yes. Very good site! worth to visit!

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