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This area is named after the sometime non functioning rest room facilities on the New Haven Railroad Barcars.


 If you have seen them you know what we mean, if you haven't , you won't. But, we suspect that your train equipment stops working sometimes or conditions need improving. This is where you can come and unload. We will set up links to the complaint departments of every carrier that provides sub standard service to  our membership.
We will also feature and preserve the finer examples of that dying art form- The Letter of Complaint


Name:Phil email:PHILMURPHY@pmurphy52.free
Keep up the good work

I am curently a mechanic for Metro-North Railroad. My blue lagoon story is from the opposite end of the poop shoot.
Within the past few years, Metro North has purchased new cars known as the M6. these are not bar cars and although they have a huge bathroom this is not the only difference between the other cars
Metro North uses. The other difference is that they
do not use the "Blue Lagoon" fluid. they have a small 150 gallon septic system. to make a long story short,
after you people fill them, the maintanence facility has
to empty them. this is done by connecting a long drain pipe to the tank containg the raw sewage to a steel drum. a cord is pulled and the sewage is drained into the tank. When these cars came in to our shop or the first time they found another difference. There were two drains and two drain cords. one for the tank and
the other for emergency draining under the station platforms. One worker who's job it was to drain the tank pulled the wrong cord and 150 gallons of urine and feces spilled out onto the floor of the shop instead of draining into the tank. the moral to the story is : Be thankful for the odor that
comes from the Blue Lagoon you have no idea what that blue is covering up.
(edit: I hope this knowledge never comes in handy.)

Ah yes the blue lagoon! The 8:07 left Grand Central with a bar car in tack, except for the blue lagoon. While enjoying my company and beverage, listening to people converse, and eventually head to the BLUE LAGOON. Finally it happend. It looked like a scene
form the "Blob". One of our fellow passangers entered the blue lagoon to reduce pressure, I am sure. And the BLOB arrived. First under the door. The blue gel moving toward us was disgusting, and then I remembered somone was in there. Out he came with the GEL dripping all over him. It came out of the ceiling and the walls. No loud screams but


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