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Well, it's not a pretty picture,


but in the interest of our collective mental health here's what we look and act like from the bartenders point of view. I'm not sure what will actually end up in this area but relatives and significant others of Bartenders are invited to post pictures and comments. Maybe we civilians can pick up some subtle nuances of barcar protocol. For starters, here is the official lingo on the service offered on my barcar:

Preparing A Train for Service

Bar/Café Service                    

Bar and café car service is offered on selected trains for the convenience of our customers. Bartenders will obey the instructions of the Conductor, but the Conductor shall issue only such reasonable orders as are absolutely necessary to the operation of the train.

When portable bar carts are used, Conductors will designate a suitable location for the cart to be placed, consistent with door operation, traffic patterns and other considerations.

All crewmembers are reminded that bar/café service is highly popular with customers and an important source of revenue for the railroad, and that every courtesy and consideration shall be offered to bartenders and patrons.

Crewmembers will not congregate at or near the bar, engage bartenders in unnecessary conversation, nor give any appearance of consuming alcoholic beverages.

Posted on:Wednesday, November, 16, 2005 - 02:42:04 pm
Name:Elizabeth Kiem email:elizabeth.kiem@gmail.com
I'm producing an audio walking tour that will take visitors on a nostalgic trip through Grand Central and Penn Station. Im looking for bartenders/bar car commuters with long memories and great stories ...

Neal, the bartender on the 5:32 to Old Greenwich, asked my husband to get the barcar schedule on this site. He spent the entire ride writing it out on the bottom of a cardboard 4-drink box. Here it is, do with it what you will.
12:07 to New Haven
1:07 to New Haven
2:07 to New Haven
2:34 to New Haven
2:40 to Stamford
3:10 to Stamford
5:18 to New Haven
5:32 to Old Greenwich
5:38 to Danbury
5:57 to Harrison
6:02 to New Haven
6:05 to New Canaan
6:07 to Danbury
6:11 to Bridgeport
6:16 to Stamford
7:06 to Westport
7:09 to South Norwalk
8:07 to New Haven
9:07 ot New Haven
Lord knows how accurate it is; I (personally, tho I have never met him) think the guy is nipping at the stuff behind the counter. I had to put it in time order, as he was unable to manage that.

After working as the fireman on train 183 from Boston to New Haven many years ago, I would continue my trip off-duty in the bar car from New Haven to Rye. One night, the engineer was making exceptional time as the bartender poured a cold one for a customer. Knowing we were about to hit a sharp curve, I quickly grabbed the beer to the astonishment of the customer. After being jostled about, I put the beer back on the bar and said, "sorry, thought that one was mine."

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